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On The Beeb

November 6th, 2013 · No Comments

This morning we got a call from the BBC asking if anyone would like to comment on the UK auditions for the new Star Wars movie that are due to start in Bristol on Saturday. Our Glorious Leader, Jo Hall, and our good friend, Gareth L. Powell took themselves off to Forbidden Planet where they were interviewed on camera. You never quite know with TV news what will happen to the material, but there is a good chance that Jo and Gareth will be on Points West tonight. They might even make it to the national news. We shall be watching with interest (well, most of us: Jo and Gareth might be hiding behind the sofa).

Update: Jo and Gareth were indeed on Points West. You should be able to catch them on the iPlayer here. They are the last feature on the show (but do watch the segment on the wild boar as well because the piglets are mega-cute).

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