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Jim Burns

Jim Burns - photo by Szymon Sokol

Former BristolCon Artist GOH Jim Burns is a contemporary British SF and fantasy illustrator. His paintings are frequently intricate photo-realistic works of beautiful women set against advanced machines and spaceships.

Apart from dozen of book and game covers, Burns briefly worked with Ridley Scott on Blade Runner. He has also had books of his own works published, including Lightship, Planet Story (written by Harry Harrison), Transluminal, and Imago.

Jim has won the Best Professional artist Hugo three times and has also been awarded 12 BSFA Awards. He currently lives in Wiltshire and keeps chickens named after classic Hollywood stars. He also introduced Jennie Gyllblad to whiskey at a previous BristolCon and she’s never looked back…

Here is a small collection of Jim’s work. Many more wonderful pictures, and a detailed biography, can be seen on his official website.


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