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BristolCon Fringe FAQ

  1. What’s the idea behind the Fringe?

We set up the Fringe in 2013 as a way of promoting local SF & F authors and giving people the opportunity to practice public reading of their work in a supportive environment, under the banner of the BristolCon Foundation.

  1. What’s the format of the Fringe?

Fringe events take the form of a brief introduction by the host, a reading or approximately 20 minutes by the first author, a ten minute refreshment break, an 20-minute reading by the second author, another ten minute break, and then a highly informal q and a session. All readings are recorded for possible future podcast.

  1. Am I a big enough name to read at the Fringe?

We encourage everyone to read at the Fringe, from Big Five authors to indies to people who are self-pubbed or not yet published. Whether you’ve written 20 novels or two short stories you are equally welcome. If you are a less-well known author we do try to pair you up with someone better known to help you reach a new audience.

  1. Can I sing a song instead?

You can sing, or tell jokes, or do performance poetry or interpretive dance, as long as it’s SFFnal and no longer than 20 minutes.

  1. This all sounds like fun! How do I get to do a reading?

Talk to us on our Facebook page or email Jodi at, tell her who you are, and she’ll send you a list of available dates.

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