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Supporting Member…but what is it?

August 30th, 2021 · No Comments

Hello fellow followers of BristolCon.

You might be asking “What is this new “Supporting member option” and what does it all mean?

Well ConFans, the supporting member is a membership for those who wish to support our fun event, but who may not be able to join us this year. It also reserves your option to upgrade at the prevailing rate should your finances or plans change to allow you to attend.

It entitles you to watch our streamed content guilt-free… the streams are free anyway… both of cost and guilt… but, if you enjoy them or you’ve enjoyed previous cons and you wish to show us a little support… it’s £10 and helps to keep the convention going.

Now some of you might have noticed we said streams… more on that later, fellow follower.

Cheers Drive

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