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Bristol Science Fiction Writing Group Starting

November 3rd, 2019 · No Comments

It was lovely seeing all you wonderful people at BristolCon. The observant among you may have noticed that there was a sign-up sheet for a science fiction writing group – we now have four of us interested – so it’s definitely going to happen!

If you are interested in joining us and have not already signed up, please contact me at Social Media and web content : Rosie Oliver [media@] or [website@]bristolcon[dot]org.

What will the writing group do? We would give face-to-face interactive feedback on samples of our writing – this is a step up from the usual critiquing circles on the internet. I would also hope to have general discussions about science and technology that would help our writing.

Being at the start of this writing group gives you a chance to shape it and what it does.

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