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Badges at BristolCon

September 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Many of you lovely members lead a double or multiple life, your day to day existence of walking round and interacting with people and more, and your online existence where you morph into data and pictures. In many cases the two presences (physical and online) are identified by completely different names or pictures.

We have known online groups come to BristolCon to meet up and that you know each other only through your online symbol / name. If you want to quickly identify each other from such a group, it has been suggested you wear a badge with your online symbol / name on it.

As the first tranche of BristolCon badges has now gone off to wonderful badge-makers, we are now unable to change the names on those badges. If you haven’t included your online name in your BristolCon badge name, we suggest you bring your own badge to wear with your online family-friendly name / symbol on it.

Of course the more artistic or craft-capable people among you might like to do something special for such badges, but that is entirely up to you.

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