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Expecting a Participant Form?

August 10th, 2019 · No Comments

All participants forms have been sent out to BristolCon members who ticked the participant’s box. If you’ve not received one yet, then one of three things can have happened:

  1. The form sent by our programme whizz, Dan, has gone to your spam folder. Please check it is not lurking there.
  2. When buying your BristolCon membership, you forgot to tick the participant’s box or have since changed your mind and now want to participate. In this case, please contact Dan at programme[at]bristolcon[dot]org
  3. You have not bought your BristolCon membership. In this case, please go the membership site bristolconmembership[dot]org , buy membership and tick the participant’s box while you are buying your membership.

While we have not finalised the date when the participants’ forms need to be returned by, there is not all that long – Dan is only human – sorry science fiction peoples, he’s not an AI – and sorry fantasy peoples he is not a wizard. We’ll let you know when the last date for e-mailing participants’ forms back is, but it isn’t all the long.

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